Updates - no surgery

In our last episode of We Both Have Cancer, we were planning on a big surgery to remove the cancer from dad's sinus and brain. Since just about the moment I hit publish on that blog, we found out that surgery is no longer an option. TL;DR Kenny was enrolled to Hospice care yesterday.

While this probably comes as a shock to most of you reading, it's not a shock to me -- and it is something of a relief. I am angry that dad had been led to believe his tumor was resectable for this long. I had noticed big changes in him since January, and I've been telling his team of doctors.

The tumor, of course, has been growing rapidly since its discovery in January when they first wanted to operate. Dad wanted to go to Scotland with me and to see Graham in Macbeth, so he delayed operation. The most recent MRI showed the tumor has spread to the other sinuses and is affecting his "good eye.” Getting clear margins would require removing too much of the brain, so at this point there is nothing that doctors can do.

We are just trying keep him out of pain. If you’ve ever had a sinus headache, imagine that pain plus a couple of grapefruits pushing on your eyes and brain. It’s got to be uncomfortable for dad, and we are working on getting him the right pain meds.

I’ll update as I can but for now am doing the thing where I don’t leave him alone for long and am living between two houses. Say hi to my kids for me.