Good news for a change

Re: Kenny's surgery:

The pathology report from his maxillectomy showed that the surgeons got all the cancer, so they are "not recommending further treatment." Whoo hoo!

There is still some recovery time, however, as the swelling goes down and the dentist works on the prosthesis he'll have in his mouth. So several more dental oncology visits, molds, mouth-care, etc. He is also going to have some small plastic surgery to adjust his eyelid so that he is able to close his eye all the way (the surgery messed with the nerves there, and we don't want him to go blind in that eye).

I'm trying to take care of him, but he's trying to remain independent so we've had some fun family battles on that end.

If you see him out and about, buy him a beer, but make sure he sips that beer slowly -- doctors' orders.