Dad's surgery

Kenny update:
Kenny having lunch with Graham at school!

His surgery (a maxillectomy) went well (he still has two eyes!!), and we will know more when the pathology reports come in next week. They removed what cancer they could find, but need to send the tissue off to labs to make sure they have "clear margins" -- basically, that they dug deep enough to get all the cancer cells. After he heals, he'll have another round of radiation. 

I was impressed with the surgeon's knife skills. I'm sure there will be scarring, but his face is intact and still adorable.

I spent the night at the hospital with dad. He'll be there until he's able to swallow easily. That's good for me because I have some people staying at his house (and fixing a few things for him!), and they could use some more time.

Patsy update:

We miss her. 

Much love and many thanks. The meal deliveries the past month have saved my sanity and given my family a much-needed sense of stability.